By capitalizing on its innovative advances in microencapsulating and
spray drying technology, Eonlipids Sdn Bhd, with a projected USD 5 million
investment, has established itself in food ingredient business in the Far East.

Since its establishment, this company has strategically positioned itself
to emphasis in utilizing and converting the locally abundant supply food
resources into high value added end products by employing the latest food
processing technology available (microencapsulating/spray drying/spray

With a strong background in the local edible oil industry, Eonlipids has developed a range of downstream products for palm and palm kernel oil, of which non-dairy creamer is a strong products as Malaysia is the largest palm kernel oil producer in the world. With state of the art facilities like rotary atomizer and atomizing nozzles, Eonlipids is capable of producing a range of quality sweetener powder like glucose, maltose and malto-dextrin powder to serve the regional customers.

Better command of local market demand and expectations has helped path
the way of its R&D effort into health conscious functional food ingredients
markets. With strong belief in this aspect, Eonlipids has invested in
different capacity spray dryers and spray coolers to cater for product
development work by a team of experienced food technologists.


Product Development
To date Eonlipids has developed some new range of mixes or food bases
for the bakery and confectionery industry, instanizing drink for beverage
industry and instant cereal mixes for the convenient pack industry to
cater for the growing local preference of bakery/convenient food/drink
markets. These products has been developed with the health awareness functional factors incorporated such as natural vitamin E non dairy creamers, Omega 3 oils and natural fibre with calcium fortified instant cereal mixes.

With the establishment of the world largest single common market in the Asian region, Eonlipids has posed itself to be ready always in the forefront
to provide the best value products to its customers.